Go Team Update

Your Go Team has been blessed with the opportunity to serve the least of these in different ways during this pandemic. God called us to continue to serve, so we found safe and healthy ways to make it work. We were able to help people with yard work, gave out many food boxes to families in need and continued Hitting the Streets. We moved our Hitting the Streets from Dusk to Dawn to the Washington Jefferson Street Bridge area for the past 3 months. We also continue to help serve at Laundry Love.

The number of people served at Washington Jefferson Bridge has increased each time we went out; we have been taking burritos as well as water and snacks. We took 80 burritos this past Monday, and could have handed out at least 50 more if we had them. We joined in singing with Milo who was playing her guitar and singing Amazing Grace, talked to a couple who came up and thanked us for joining in the singing and thought it was cool that we would do that. We talked to a young man, Grant, who told us about having two mental health diagnoses; he is having a hard time getting work right now and taking care of his service dog. We have had great opportunities to have many conversations about God and to pray with some. We are seeing some of the same people each time and are blessed with the relationships that are being built.

We were overwhelmed with the amount of people needing and wanting a warm meal and questioned whether or not this was the place God wanted us to serve. As soon as we pondered this thought out loud, we had a brother approach us who thanked us for what we are doing and said he has an awesome story of coming to faith in God but said it was too long to tell. We told him we had time and would listen. He told us one amazing story after another and after about 15 minutes he thanked us again and we encouraged him to share his testimony with others on the street. Right after he shared, another brother came by and shared his story. We agreed that we serve an amazing God, and are so blessed that He can answer our questions so quickly and reinforced that we are doing His will, as crazy as it may seem.

God is working through the GO TEAM. We are excited to continue this ministry and appreciate your continued support through prayer, donations, financial support, and the many people who help prepare the food and bags we take out. We can always use supplies such as; water, socks, non perishable snacks, small brown paper bags, plastic baggies, and personal care items. We have a table for these kind of donations in the hallway behind the kitchen. 

God Bless and Thank You!


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