JUNE 2021


Jacob and Rochelle are excited to serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in Indonesia! As a maintenance specialist, Jacob will keep the planes in good working order for the pilots and missionaries to reach isolated people and share Christ’s love. Rochelle will continue to support Jacob and their family as a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling their boys, Wesley and Jack, as they grow. Practicing hospitality, she also hopes to connect with other moms and open their home to serve their community.

06/03/21 Update from Rochelle:

Great news!! Since writing our recent newsletter, we have been overjoyed to gain more support! Our current monthly support is now at 93.4%!! Praise Jesus!! We just need $600/month more to reach 100%! Keep the prayers coming! We pray that we will reach 100% soon so that we are ready to go once we get our visas. (Can you tell we're excited with all my exclamations!?)


- God's timing for leaving for Indonesia.

- MAF working with Indonesia to obtain visas.

- God will bring more financial supporters. 




Daniel and Jenny are thrilled to be a part of sending passionate laborers to reach lost college students around the northwest and the world through their roles at Moody Aviation and Jenny's role as a Cru Sending Coordinator. Daniel and Jenny meet with and mentor students who are learning to be aviation mechanics and pilots. They are thankful for the opportunity to help students preparing to serve in various missions organizations as missionary pilots/mechanics.


Jenny is also continuing in her role as a Cru Sending Coordinator, which means she is reviewing applications for those who wish to join Cru full time or part time, stateside or internationally! 


Craig and Allison serve as missionaries with CMF International in Ethiopia. They focus on planting churches, overseeing a clean water project, and leading the CMF field team in Ethiopia.

The Fowlers have been living and working in Ethiopia since 2005. Eleven of those years were spent in a remote area called Aygali where Craig discipled indigenous church planters and Allison (RN) oversaw the running of a health post.  Now, the Fowlers are based out of the capital city, Addis Ababa. Craig is the team leader and continues to travel throughout the country training leaders and discipling church planters. In addition, Craig oversees a clean water project that digs 3 new clean water wells in needy areas every year. Each of these wells provides clean water on a daily basis for around 500 people. To date, this project has built 17 wells. Allison is the Field Business Administrator for the CMF Ethiopia Field team and continues to do medical ministry connected with the water project.

The Fowlers have 3 children: Zane, Ezra, and Anna. 


Dan and Kristen have been joyfully serving Christ with Great Commandment Ministries (GCM) since 2004. Dan serves as the ACTS Director and oversees GCM’s weekly college outreach. Kristin is the “creative genius” behind the graphic design for Great Commandments and is also engaged in discipling women.


Jeff and Courtney serve as missionaries in Cambodia under World Team. Since 2000, their ministry centers on house church multiplication among Khmer speakers and missionary training.

Jeff has a Doctorate degree in Intercultural Studies and teaches online as an adjunct professor at Multnomah University and Prairie College. Courtney is a registered nurse and works as School Nurse for Logos International School. They have three children: Weston, Emma, and Dani.


Lowell became a member of Norkenzie in 1974 while studying at Northwest Christian College. He was ordained in 1977 prior to leaving for Fuller Seminary. After graduating with a Masters in Missiology, Lowell left for Brazil where he spent eighteen years planting churches. Lowell and Blanche were married at Norkenzie in 1994 and Blanche joined Lowell on the mission field. In 2004 the Hunefelds partnered with New Missions Systems International (NMSI). 


Lowell had a major stroke in August of 2019. Blanche shared in a recent letter that Lowell's "...desire for quite some time was that the Lord would come and take him home. He had suffered so much with headaches and body pain, and lack of good function. On March 16th, he got his wish, the Lord came and took him home..."


Blanche plans to continue in the ministry of helping individuals and churches throughout the world discover their role in the transformation of lives and communities.


Gary and Cindy are founders of the Christian Dominican Medical Mission (CDMM). They have been living and serving in the Dominican Republic since 1991. With the help from the rest of their team, including Donny and Hanah Klein, and David Klein, they have grown to a network of nearly 20 churches. CDMM reaches people who don’t know Christ by several different ministries that include youth and children’s programs, prison ministry, medical care, church planting, and Bible studies.


John & Sonya Rygh have been on staff with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) for over 25 years. While they were working with Cru at the University of Oregon in the 90’s, they found their church home at Norkenzie.

John gives national leadership to Cru’s internship program. The internship program is a one year full time job with Cru where the intern is embedded
on a local team. During that year they are exposed to hands on opportunities in personal evangelism and discipleship, leading small groups, launching ministries and an international missions experience giving them a chance to explore if God is calling them to full time ministry. 

Sonya is one of the team leaders for the Cru team in the Portland Metro Area. This team has a scope of 100,000 college students on 26 campuses and 168,000 high school students. The ministry is continually growing as it empowers students, faculty, local volunteers and pastors to help students be known and come to know Jesus, grow in their relationship with God and go and do the same with others. 


Jesse and Bethany serve with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) in the Boise metro area. They are a part of the U.S. Campus Ministry to serve the nations of the world in reaching college students for Christ.

Jesse and Bethany are committed to building a campus movement at Boise State and other regional schools where students can encounter Christ and be developed as believers. They desire to equip the students so that they live life on a mission, wherever God is taking their story. Jesse and Bethany are launching spiritual movements that will develop the future spiritual leaders in Idaho and beyond.

That is why the Schlenders are so excited to be a part of what God is doing in Boise and the surrounding area. They are passionate about sharing Christ with others, building them up in their faith and sending them out to the world.

As a family, the Schlenders are also grateful to share what God is doing in their marriage and as parents. Jesse and Bethany have been married since 2009, and have worked together with Cru since 2010. They have five children: Emily, Judah, Noah, Luke and Thomas. Luke & Thomas arrived in 2019, and are identical twins! 


Dan and Jan have been serving in the ministry of International Students, Inc. (ISI) since 1986, twenty five of those years were in Eugene on the University of Oregon campus. The Smiths have always enjoyed meeting people from different countries and cultures. Between them they have visited, worked and studied in 42 different countries. As a result, God has given them a love and a burden for world missions. Through ISI they have been sharing Christ with students from many of those 42 countries and a lot of others as well.


Jeff and Val have been married for 36 years and have spent 27 of those years serving the Lord together, in Germany, Romania and the United States. They co-founded Great Commandments Ministries in 1997 and started ACTS in 2004.

Jeff and Val are called to fulfill the Great Commission through the discipleship of young adults. Most of their married life has been dedicated to this pursuit and they remain passionate in their desire to see young people grow deep roots in Christ. Val directs the hospitality ministry at GCM, serves as a mentor to the women on the ministry team at home and abroad and disciples young women. Jeff serves as Executive Director of GCM overseeing the staff and stewarding the direction of varied ministries under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

One of the young missionaries we support is living in an area that requires their identity to remain anonymous. Although we cannot share their name or location, we request that you lift them up in prayer as they serve the Lord in an area that is not open to Christianity.