Cradle to Cross

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. This is my favorite Christmas yet as a family. It is so deeply beautiful to watch my daughter dance through this season, eyes full of wonder. And while a lot of that wonder surrounds the lights, the tree, the wrapped presents with all our names on them, the special music, and all the family traditions that make each day special, the REAL wonder I am beginning to see grow in her is the wonder of the manger.


Last night, I lay in bed beside her to kiss her goodnight, and she asked me to tell her, again, about Jesus being born. So, we walked through the story together, stopping here and there to imagine what it would be like or ask more questions about what God was doing in that part.


I am learning the dance between family traditions and Gospel power at Christmas. I want to honor both. Treasure both. Allow both to fill this season with meaning and a sense of awe.


So, as we open our Christmas Book Advent each night and count down the days we sing carols at the piano and excitedly wait to give each other gifts Christmas morning, the foundation we will keep coming back to with each beautiful moment is that Jesus CAME to us. The One who crafted the universe, stepped into its boundaries in order to rescue His beloved.

The cradle of Bethlehem finds its meaning in the cross of Calvary.

Keep asking to hear Jesus’ story, sweet girl. Get lost in the details of his mom and dad, what their life was like, what their donkey’s name was, what the voice of the angel might have sounded like, if Mary was scared to have a baby, how cool it is that her cousin’s name was Elizabeth, how warm it must have been to be in the stable with the animals, how stinky the cows probably were, how cute the baby was, if he was comfortable in the hay, what song were the angels singing to the shepherds, and all the other questions your little heart comes up with.

Because, Jesus’ story is the source of wonder this season, baby girl. It deserves to be told over and over and over again.

From the cradle to the cross.

Grace Hansen

Worship Pastor


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